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Following requests received from FMSQ members during the last season who wanted to be able to contribute more to the federation. We are unveiling a new program for the 2024 season. This program is intended to be like "season tickets" and will allow those who wish to benefit from a special option in the form of a 2024 VIP PACKAGE which will include a preferred parking and prepaid racing fees for the season. This program, although specific and very limited in terms of accessibility, will allow the FMSQ to diversify its sources of income in order to contribute to the development of the federation and the sport for all members and fans of the series.

The program includes the following benefits:

  1. VIP parking space (25' wide by 70' deep) in the VIP zone reserved at each FMSQ Cross-Country event.

  2. Annual membership(s).

  3. Registrations for all races of the season for all disciplines.

  4. Transponder(s).

  5. Entry fees to the event sites.

Program Admission Criteria:

  • Only 10 spaces will be available under the 2024 program.

  • Distribution will be on a first-come, first-served basis in the order in which applications are received.

  • Please send an email to to reserve your 2024 VIP PACKAGE.

  • The deadline for registering for the program is May 10th at midnight.

  • The total amount of the 2024 VIP PACKAGE will be payable in 1 payment upon receipt of the FMSQ invoice.

Packages and prices:

FORFAIT VIP 2024.png

Details, limitations and restrictions:

  • All spaces will be grouped together and located in a location on the competition site that will be determined by the FMSQ in collaboration with the local promoter. The following criteria will be used to determine the best location for the VIP area: Ground type and level, proximity to the sponsor area and FMSQ trailer, ease of access, etc. The FMSQ will ensure that the surface area of the spaces is respected (Minimum of 25' wide by 70' deep) but cannot guarantee the quality of the ground which depends on several factors including environmental factors.

  • Only 1 Motorhome/RV/Trailer allowed per space and a maximum of 2 additional cars if space allows depending on the size of the Motorhome/RV/Trailer.

  • The program is limited to participants from a maximum of 2 different families per VIP package.

  • Access to the VIP area will be via the 25' wide facade. The FMSQ cannot guarantee accessibility from the other ends of the space.

  • All vehicles must enter within the markings (25' wide by 70' deep).

  • Gatherings/groupings of Motorhomes/RVs/Trailers will not be permitted in the zone or around the VIP zone.

  • VIP spaces cannot be used for commercial display or exhibition purposes.

  • The parking portion of the program is based on principles similar to season tickets - The holder of a VIP package will be able to transfer it's parking to another participant if he cannot use it during a weekend for example. The VIP package holder will be responsible for informing the FMSQ no later than the Wednesday before an event.

  • The portion of the program for annual membership(s), registrations for all races of the season for all disciplines and transponder(s) is not transferable to other participants.

  • Holders will have priority access to the program for subsequent seasons unless a holder opts out of renewal.

  • This program is non-refundable once it is purchased, even if holders cannot take advantage of their package, in whole or in part.

  • This program includes the 8 races of the FMSQ Cross-Country Championship. The end of season banquet is not included.

  • All FMSQ regulations must be respected as everywhere on the event site. This includes the 11:00 p.m. curfew for noise and generators.

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