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How to compete at an FMSQ event?



A. Log in or create an account on LIVELAPS.

Livelaps Screenshot FR 1.png
Livelaps Screenshot FR 2.png

B. Choose your membership type:


  • Individual price - $203.20 (A family price is available).

  • Allows you to reserve a racer number below 1000 for the season.

WEEKEND MEMBERSHIP ONLY - Available on Livelaps only when registering for a race.

  • Racer numbers for weekend members will be above 1000.

  • Individual price - $43.18

  • Valid only for the duration of an event weekend.


PLEASE NOTE that when choosing your membership on Livelaps, you will have to choose your competition category in MOTO, QUAD and/or E-BIKE. You will then have to choose your racer number for each of your selected disciplines and sign an electronic release waiverfor you and/or the minor for whom you are responsible. Next, you will be directed to Paypal to make your payment online.

C. Register as a FQMHR member (FREE and MANDATORY).

  • The FQMHR is the organization that governs motocross parks, motorcycle trails as well as competition associations such as the FMSQ. It is mandatory to register as an FQMHR member. This is an additional measure but necessary in the current context.

  • This registration is free - Follow this link!

FQMHR Screenshot FR 1.png



D. Sign up for a race (Available on Livelaps before and during the event weekend).

For more information on the different categories and prices per race.




E. First FMSQ experience?, you will need to purchase a transponder on site at the FMSQ trailer and collect your helmet stickers.

  • This transponder should normally work for a long time so you will not have to replace it (unless it is damaged).

  • The transponder is a sticker and it is applied under the helmet visor of the rider and it's sold at a cost of $20 (Taxes incl.)

  • Helmet stickers are given free of charge.


F. Pass the technical inspection before your race!

  • The technical inspection is mandatory and all riders must complete it before getting on the starting line.

  • Several points are checked:

    • Confirmation of number plates. It is mandatory for all annual members to have the correct numbers and background color corresponding to their category! It's a matter of RESPECT for the other racers on the circuit. If you are a weekend or NON-COMPLIANT member, you will have to hide your numbers before taking the start (e.g. with an X in black adhesive tape).

    • The operation of the transponder will be checked.

    • Verification of the conformity of helmet stickers. Rider number on each side is clearly visible as well as the colored sticker behind the helmet.

    • QUAD - Checking the Kill Switch and Nerf Bars.

    • The sound of the vehicle's exhaust! Sound limit of 98db.

    • Helmet, boots and appropriate protective gear is mandatory ... (see rule book).


On site registrations:

In-person registration during the event weekend is available at the FMSQ trailer. However, to avoid queues, we recommend that you register in advance and online!


Entrance to the site:

  • Entrance fee to the site per person of $15 (taxes included).

  • Free for children under 5 years old.

  • There are no camping fees.


Weekend schedule 2024:

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