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The FMSQ (Fédération des Motocyclistes de Sentiers du Québec) is a non-profit organization founded in 1971. It organizes Cross-Country format races for Moto, Quad and E-Bike in Quebec, Ontario and now New Brunswick.


With more than 1,400 members, the FMSQ, with its National Cross-Country Championship, is the largest series of its kind in Canada. Despite its importance, the FMSQ has maintained over the years a spirit of camaraderie and a family atmosphere that make its strength and reputation. 


Running within the FMSQ is quite simply giving the best of yourself, physically and mentally, by coping with the climatic elements and changing terrain. Whether you are a young amateur, a 65-year-old veteran or an expert, the FMSQ will be able to offer you challenges in line with your expectations and your personal objectives.

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