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Updated: May 9

Marc-Antoine Belhumour - Director of races and events

Dear members,

Here is an official announcement from the FMSQ Board of Directors regarding the 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM):

In order to facilitate access for members, it was agreed to hold the 2024 AGM in a video conference format on Tuesday May 14th, 2024 . We therefore invite you to this virtual meeting to keep you informed and involved in your organization.

Date: Tuesday May 14th, 2024

Time: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Format: Video conference

How to register?

Members in good standing (i.e. 2023 members) are invited to confirm their participation in the video conference before Sunday, May 12th at midnight by sending a registration email to . The email must contain all of the following information:

''Please register me for the virtual meeting on May 14th...

First name :

Name :

Racer number 2023: "

A confirmation email will then be sent to members registered for Monday, May 13th with the web link and password for the video conference.

Agenda :

1. Opening of the general meeting

2. Reading and adoption of the agenda

3. Election of an assembly president

4. Welcome and presentation of the board of directors

5. Approval of the minutes of the AGM of June 27th, 2023

6. Financial results 2023 (review mission)

7. Review of the 2023 season and the GM's report

8. Budget for the 2024 season

9. 2024 Calendar

10. Choice of the accounting expert for the review mission for the financial year 2024

11. General regulations

12. Election of a returning officer

13. 2024 elections (positions to be filled on the Board of Directors)

14. Varia

15. Closing of the meeting

2024 Election Process:

According to the general regulations of the Fédération des Motocyclistes de Sentiers du Québec [1997] ratified at the annual meeting of April 14th, 2018: the Board of Directors annually designates an electoral director responsible for receiving nominations (Regulation 4.5) . The director of elections will be in charge of presenting to the assembly during the AGM a report (minutes) of eligible and received nominations. before the deadline which was set for May 4th, 2024 at midnight.

Composition of the FMSQ board of directors and positions up for election for 2024:

Administrator (1): François Giroux

Administrator (2): David Piché (position up for election, 2-year term)

Administrator (3): Alexandre Côté

Administrator (4): Marika Hamel (position up for election, 2-year term)

Administrator (5): Philippe Chainé

Director (6): Julie Dion (position up for election, 2-year term)

Administrator (7): Pierre-Yves Deneault

Deadline to submit your application form: May 4th, 2024 at midnight.

Eligibility: Members in good standing for the 2023 season are eligible and must be supported by at least one member in good standing of the association for the year 2023.

Content of the application form (in order to be eligible, all information below must be provided ):

Send your application form and attachments before the deadline by email to


  • The board of directors administers the affairs of the federation and, in its name, exercises the powers that the Act confers on it, with the exception of those relating to the general assembly and defined in these regulations.

  • The council elects the officers of the federation.

  • The council approves the operating budget.

In addition to the tasks and functions assigned to them under the Companies Act and these regulations, the directors of the federation exercise the following tasks and functions:

President :

  • He chairs the meetings of members and the board of directors.

  • He is, with the treasurer, one of the signatories of checks and other commercial instruments of the federation.

  • He ensures that the tasks and functions assigned to the officers, administrators, employees and agents of the federation are correctly carried out.

  • He exercises all other tasks and functions that may be entrusted to him by the board of directors.

  • He is an ex officio member of all committees.

The secretary treasurer:

  • Along with the president, he is one of the signatories of the federation's checks and other commercial instruments.

  • He is responsible for the financial management of the corporation.

  • He sees to the proper keeping of the accounting books of the federation.

  • He sees to the financial preparation of the federation's financial report at the end of each financial year.

  • He prepares, in collaboration with the president, the notices of meetings and the agendas of the corporation's meetings.

  • He draws up the minutes of the corporation's meetings and ensures their follow-up.

  • He exercises all other tasks and functions that may be entrusted to him by the board of directors.

Duties and Responsibilities of Administrators:

  • They act as representatives of the federation before members in good standing.

  • They organize and supervise the harmonious development of the different disciplines.

  • They meet periodically, and as necessary, with the other members of the board of directors.

  • They support and assist the organizers.

  • They promote good dissemination of information between the board of directors, members and organizers.

  • A director can request help from the board of directors to decide if a conflict situation is not resolved following his intervention.


Administrators are not paid for their services. However, any director may be compensated for all expenses incurred in the exercise of his duties.

We hope to see you there in large numbers!

Your Board of Directors

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