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Position: Technical inspection attendant

Job category: Employee (part-time)

Publication date: 02/22/2024

Number of positions available: Possibility of several positions


WHY WORK FOR THE FMSQ:To be part of a dynamic and passionate team, to work outdoors on a competition site but in a friendly and family environment, to meet new people in the community, to contribute to the development of the sport by supporting the FMSQ, etc.




The FMSQ is looking for one or more candidates to fill the technical inspection attendant positions. Reporting to the Races and Events Director, the Technical Inspection Attendant will be responsible for ensuring the mandatory technical inspection service for all racers during our events.




  • Provides the technical inspection service: visual inspection of the motorcycle, rider's equipment, the conformity of the number plates color, the transponder system of each rider, etc.

  • Performs sound tests when necessary;

  • Maintains technical inspection equipment in good condition during events.


PREREQUISITES: We are looking for a candidate with a professional attitude, punctual and customer service oriented. Must be comfortable working in the field and sometimes in difficult outdoor conditions (temperature variations, dust, rain, etc.). The desired candidate must enjoy traveling to different event sites.




Techniques :

  • Basic knowledge of races and types of competition vehicles;

  • Ability to use mobile devices (cell phones, tablets) with ease;

  • Basic knowledge related to a WIFI, Bluetooth connection and the use of a mobile application;

  • Knowledge of basic safety standards; 

  • Good knowledge of French, spoken English is an asset; 

Professional skills :

  • Ability to communicate with people;

  • Professionalism, resourcefulness, respect and rigor;

  • Sense of responsibility, tact and diplomacy;




  • Salary: Paid by the hour.

  • Schedule: Working hours will be between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and/or between 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday (to be determined according to the opening hours of the technical inspection kiosk).

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